Rally driver for 10 minutes


Bops’ sweet little ride

So, while visiting my cousin in India, he let me first ride and then drive his rally car.  I am a complete wimp behind the wheel.  All delusions I had that I could drive – poof!  I cannot drive fast, and that is that.  I’ll stick to bicycles from this day forward.

Thanks Bops!

Changes are in store


So this site has been dead for about 3 years now, so it’s about time I started contributing to it again.  Still got to sort through a bunch of stuff to get it up again, but hopefully I’ll make a better attempt this time around.

RallyX in Hell


OK – this is long overdue.  I’ve got a flickr account, Instagram, and this blog where I’ve got pics strewn all over the place, and I’m a bit behind.  These pics are from when those crazy chaps running the European Rally Cross series came to Hell, which happens to be right around the corner from me.  So, after sending off the two littlest chaps with their mom for a trip down south, I took Ken and my eldest to check out some of the sights, and of course the sounds from the event.  These cars are absolutely bonkers – in terms of power output and acceleration, they put WRC cars to shame, but the format is very short.  The driving on display is entertaining, but there’s just way too much muscling around going on.  Anyways, I got to get a pic taken with Mr. Hollywood, Petter Solberg, so that was a highlight in itself.

Without further ado, here’s are some pics from the event.  I got to say, I took the little Nikon V1 with the 30-110mm lens, and this camera is pretty darn good for fast action shots.

Farting Fire – click to get to the Gallery.